Medical Mistakes-Introduction


Preventing mistakes is most of the battle. If you get mistake-free diagnosis and mistake-free treatment, then you’ll almost certainly get the best possible health care, and only succumb if the disease is beyond the current range of medical science.

The causes of medical mistakes :
are many and varied. Unfortunately, everyone is human, and mistakes are part of humanity. Medical mistakes can arise from the health practictioner, specialist, hospital administration, nursing staff, pharmacists, pathology laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and many other places.

– Misdiagnosis (40%),
– Medication error (28%),
– Medical procedure error (22%),
– Administrative error (4%),
– Communication error (2%),
– Incorrect laboratory results (2%),
– Equipment malfunction (1%), and
– Other error (7%).

Here are  some  advised books for this section :


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