British Professor Jeremy Guggenheim lectures at King Saud University on myopia research

مجلة نبض(جامعة الملك سعود):

Dr. Jeremy Guggenheim, a professor at the University of Cardiff, recently spoke at King Saud University’s College of Applied Medical Sciences, where he delivered a speech titled Myopia Research: Genetics and Epidemiology. Professor Guggenheim spoke in the college’s main auditorium, but his speech was also attended by faculty and students from the Olaysha Center for Girls campus, who watched via live telecast

Professor Guggenheim is a member of the University of Cardiff’s Department of Optometry and Vision Sciences, and leads the University of Cardiff’s Family Study of Myopia, which investigates the genetic factors that lead to the development of high myopia (nearsightedness)

According to Dr. Guggenheim’s University of Cardiff Website, both genetic and environmental factors are responsible for myopia, while in some cases high degree myopia can be wholly genetic, which means that it is passed from generation to generation with little or no influence from environmental factors

While few studies have been conducted in Saudi Arabia to estimate the prevalence of visual impairment and its causes, KSU researchers, especially those from the Department of Ophthalmology, are endeavoring to understand the genetic and environmental factors that lead to myopia in the Kingdom

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