Trauma Evaluation And Management

مجلة نبض (فرص) :

Trauma Evaluation And Management
Dr. Khaled Al Ahmadi
Consultant Trauma Surgery/General Surgery
Course Director

Venue: Clinical Skills Center, Level 4
Registration Fees:
Medical students & Interns : 400 SAR
Nurses : 150 SAR
2012 Courses: FEB 16th , APR 19th, SEP 20st, NOV 22nd

Program Overview
Early care of the injured patient; a program for medical students and multidisciplinary team members based on the ATLS Course.
Theoretical Session
Rapid, accurate, and physiological assessment of the patient’s condition.
Resuscitation, stabilization, monitoring of the patient’s condition and preparation for
Working as a team member to achieve optimal and safe patient care
Practical Sessions
Scenarios simulation and discussion of management priorities.
Rapid assessment on simulation module while playing the role of team leader.
Identify the concept of team in caring for the injured patient.


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