The Evidence Based Medical Decision Making

مجلة نبض (فرص) :

The National & Gulf Center for Evidence Based Health Practice (NGCEBHP) will hold the 6th NGCEBHP Conference & Workshops, theme: “The Evidence Based Medical Decision Making“, on the following dates:

 : Date Event/Title Venue

25Nov 12 6th NGCEBHP Conference “The Evidence Based Medical Decision Making” Marriott Hotel
26-27Nov 12 Patient Shared Medical Decision Making To be announced
26-27Nov 12 Medical Decision Making in Residency Program To be announced
26-27 Nov 12 Medical Decision Making for Policy Makers & Guideline Developers To be announced

This is the first time to be done in Saudi Arabia to hold an occasion about evidence based medical decision making. We have invited 6 international speakers to share their expertise.

For inquiry, please do not hesitate to contact the Coordinator/administrative assistant at extension 47166/47165 or email:

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