AHA Airway Management Course

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Starts 19 September 2012 Ends 19 September 2012
Location: Postgraduate Training Center, RD

The Postgraduate Training Center is pleased to announce the 2012 schedule of the Airway Management Course

The American Heart Association Airway Management Course is designed for healthcare providers who must be proficient in using airway devices in hospitals or out-of-hospital settings. It will give the participants an opportunity to learn, practice and demonstrate many airway skills used in resuscitation

This course is divided to five (5) different modules

Bag Mask Ventilation and adjuncts
Laryngeal Mask Airway
Esophageal – Tracheal Combitube
Endotracheal Tube
Impedance Threshold Device

Course Dates

19 September
17 October
28 November
26 December

Course Fee: 200 SR

Target Audience: All healthcare providers

This course is designed for 12 participants per course, kindly register early

For further details and registration, please fill out the registration Form and contact the Postgraduate Training Center at +966 1 8011111 extension 45991.

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