Infection Control Diploma


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Few Steps to Start Your Professional career in Infection Prevention & Control”
Toward providing Safe Practices & Environment to our Patient & H.C.W
Dr. Ahmed Farouk:
Deputy Director of the Salam International Hospital.
He holds a board American in infection control.
SPC Training Company
Certificate from: Alberta Academy International.
Certificated from: the Egyptian Foreign Ministry, Cairo University and Arab Council for Graduate Studies and Scientific Research (LAS).
And can be certificated from any other Embassy of the State
This program is designed for:
All health care professionals, health care providers, medical staff and
Supporting staff.
At the end of the Diploma, each candidate will be aware of:
-Rationale of infection control.
-Personnel health elements of infection control program.
-Common threatening pathogens and their mode of
-How to protect himself, his patients, and all personnel in the
-Different ways of instruments and patient care items
-Different methods of sterilization and the suitable way to
Sterilization of each item.
-Requirements and special environmental conditions needed
For effective infection control program.
-How to deal with medical waste.
-Outbreaks, how to recognize, investigate, isolate and

To see diploma contents go to this link
4 months, 16 lecture, one lecture per week, 4 hour per lecture
This course will provide you with:
Diploma type:
– Classroom and On-Line
You can study from anywhere in the world via the Online System
The online lectures are alive transmission of lectures at the same time as the center with enabling the participant to communicate with the lecturer by chat or voice during the lecture and also receiving video records of lectures on the next day of the lecture
We send books by express mail to students who are studying in the online system inside and outside Egypt
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