Urology Ultrasound Course & Workshop

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On behalf of Clinical Skills and Simulation Center, we are pleased to invite you to join our “Urology Ultrasound Course & Workshop”. This course will take place on 1st (Tuesday) March 2016 at 4th Level, Clinical Skills & Simulation Center, King Abdulaziz University Hospital.

This course teaches fundamental knowledge and technical skills to perform ultrasound in Urology focusing on kidney , bladder, and scrotal ultrasound. It includes didactic sessions and hands-on training on simulation manikins and live volunteers. Topic sessions include the basics of ultrasound uses and its indications in urology. The workshop is hands on , small group consultant led sessions of practical use of ultrasound machine, proper method for examining kidney, bladder and scrotum using ultrasound (Doppler) on healthy

Course Objectives:

Upon completion of this course, the candidate will be able to:

Learn theoretical and practical aspects of ultrasound relevant to Urology
Discuss physics of ultrasound
Review Anatomy of Urolo-genital tract
Discuss indications for radiology test in Urology
Demonstrate the proper way of using the ultrasound machine
Learn the proper approach for scanning the kidney, bladder , scrotum ultrasound and Doppler
Identify common abnormalities in ultrasonography of kidney, bladder, scrotum
To gain confidence in reading GU Ultrasound
To be independent in using the ultrasound machine in the urology field

Please feel free to fill the attached application form and send it back thru this email once you’re done. Flyer of the workshop is attached as well.

Queries concerning your registration and additional information, please email to csc.edu.kau@gmail.com or contact extension # 14611/14604.

Registration Form(Urology)

Urology Flyer

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