Fundamental Critical Care Support Course

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Fundamental Critical Care Support Course
VenueClinical Skills Center, Level 4, KAUH
Date : 2nd —3rd Oct , 2012
A two-day comprehensive course addressing fundamental management principles for the first 24 hours of critical care.

Course Purpose
To better prepare the non-intensivist for the first 24 hours of management of the critically ill patient until transfer or appropriate critical care consultation can be arranged.
To assist the non-intensivist in dealing with sudden deterioration of the critically ill patient.
To prepare house staff for ICU coverage.
To prepare nurses and other critical care practitioners to deal with acute deterioration in the critically ill patient.

Course Objectives
Prioritize assessment needs for the critically ill patient.
Select appropriate diagnostic tests.
Identify and respond to significant changes in the unstable patient.
Recognize and initiate management of acute life-threatening conditions.
Determine the need for expert consultation and/or patient transfer and prepare the practitioner for optimally accomplishing transfer.

Course Description
17 didactic lectures
9 case based skill stations
Pre & Post tests
Companion textbook
Certificate of successful course completion

Requirements for successful course completion are:
attend all didactic sessions
successfully complete all skill stations
obtain 70% or higher on the post test
SCCM maintains database of FCCS providers/instructors


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