“Winfocus Pediatric Ultrasound Course”

“Winfocus Pediatric Ultrasound Course”

On behalf of Clinical Skills & Simulation Center, we are pleased to invite you to attend the “Winfocus Pediatric Ultrasound Course” which will be held in 4th level Clinical Skills & Simulation Center, King Abdulaziz University Hospital on the 29th and 30th of December at 8:00 am to 5:00 pm.

This course gives basic skills in Pediatric Critical Care Ultrasound, including basic focused ECHO, lung US, abdomen US, central line & vascular access guided by US.

It will also explain how to incorporate US to enhance the pediatric critical management of hypotension, trauma, shock, respiratory failure and during certain steps in CPR.

The Workshop will cover the following topics and formats:

·        Hands-On Training: small group-skill stations on manikins and volunteer

·        Central line and vascular access

·        Basic focused ECHO

·        Pediatric lung US

·        Pediatric abdomen US

Interactive lectures with video loops and clinical scenarios will cover the following:

·        US basic physics and machine’s knobs operation.

·        US ehanced hemodynamic, fluid and shock management.

·        US enhanced respiratory and ventilator management.

·        US pediatric trauma and head injury management.

·        US guided procedures in PICU

Please feel free to fill the attached application form and send it back thru this email once you’re done. Flyer of the workshop is attached as well.

Please accept our sincerest apologies for providing any account information on the previous emails sent as our system has already been changed.

Queries concerning your registration and additional information, please email to csc.edu.kau@gmail.com or contact extension # 14611/14604.


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